Vancouver Shopify Expert - Setup, Design and Development

Your Shopify Expert - From Setup to Launch and Beyond.

  1. Account Setup and Training

    Get the account setup with user accounts, payment gateways etc and go through the back end with you to get you up to speed on how to operate Shopify.

  2. Site Planning / Strategy

    Identify and document your site requirements and come up with a web marketing strategic plan.

  3. Custom Shopify Theme Design

    Use requirements and strategic plan to plan the interface, pages, collections and product page wireframes, then a final design.

  4. Shopify Theme Development / Customization

    Typically I start with one of the free base starter themes to jump start development to save time / budget, but we can also start with a paid theme or one you already have.

  5. Site Updates and Page optimization

    Update pages as needed. Monitor google analytics for popular pages and work on optimizing conversions through site design improvements.

  6. Online Marketing

    Email Lists, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, On page SEO, Landing pages

Jeff helped me brand my new company and build my website. I didn't know a website could be so easy to use! Thanks Jeff!
- Tiffany Karlson

A few Web Design and Development examples:

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Jeff Leeder is a Wordpress and Shopify Designer and Developer from Vancouver BC Canada

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